about woodbox

Woodbox is an artist collective bringing together a new generation of European young and talented folk music artists who aim for the same goal; Sending their music into the world and reach out to as much as possible fans, festivals, venues and showcases. So why not support each other by promoting each other.

Woodbox isn’t a management office or bookings agency but a platform where artists can consult each other on different aspects that are key to a professional carrier like bookings, social media, merchandise, graphic design and building a common fanbase. In order to do so, we try to maintain a high standard in everything we do. Not only when creating new music but also by releasing high-quality recordings, youtube video’s or artwork or updating our websites and social media channels.

As a collective, we guarantee every artist’s freedom to work with any label, agency or management of their choosing in order to grow their carrier and reach out to a bigger crowd. In the end, live performing is what it’s all about isn’t it?